Kalpa Srivats

Praise for ajanta

From reviews on Amazon:

The story is set in ancient India; the author not only describes the construction of the caves but interweaves that with the historical characters and events around that time and place. One comes with a great understanding of not only the human element, but the immense effort put in by kingdoms and people alike 1400 years ago to carve this world heritage UNESCO monument. Illustrations are a visual treat and flow well with the novel. If you want to know fifth century India - politics, kingdoms, religions, Buddhism, culture, art - this researched novel will fulfill your wish.

Difficult to take a break from reading it. A real page-turner!



Ajanta is a beautifully written and greatly suspenseful novel! It gives wonderful insight as to what living in 5th Century India must have been like. This novel is highly informative being based in historical context and quite fun to read being a piece of fiction as well. Great plot lines and character development! With clear descriptions of events and parenthetical translations of Indian language words into English, this novel serves its purpose as an introduction of 5th Century Indian culture to an English speaking audience. Bravo!



The book offers a great combination of enjoyment and enrichment as Nandini's suspenseful adventures lead the reader through the world of 5th-century India, including life in a village, a Buddhist monastery, a royal palace, and the creation of the amazing Ajanta cave temples. We learn a lot about many aspects of Indian culture --artistic techniques and symbols, dance, religions and festivals, food, manuscript preparation, schooling, fortune-telling, politics and warfare -- while following through Nandini's eyes the unfurling events of a political intrigue and the planning and realization of the ambitious artistic project at Ajanta.

Janet Smarr


Fascinating portrait of life in fifth-century India. Wonderful illustrations complement the text, which is brimming with meticulously researched historical details. For me, the novel sparked an interest in a previously unknown area of India: the Ajanta caves

Julia M